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What To Do If You Got a Texas Speeding Ticket

When you get a speeding ticket, the officer will generally advise you of what you are being ticketed for, give you the ticket to review and have you sign it. Signing the ticket is not an admission of guilt; it simply certifies that you received the ticket and were advised of the charges against you. Don't lose the ticket-it has important information on it regarding who to contact to pay your fine and the date you are supposed to appear in court.

Once the officer lets you move on, you simply have to decide how you want to proceed and let the court know. If you choose not to pay the fine ahead of time, make sure that you do attend the court date. Likewise, if you just want to plead guilty but can't afford to pay the fine, you should still attend the court date and explain that to the judge. Don't simply try to ignore the problem. Ignoring it won't make it go away, can increase your fines and can even result in a warrant for your arrest.

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