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Dealing With a Texas Speeding Ticket

Basically, you have 3 options when you get a speeding ticket in Texas: pay the fine, which is an admission of guilt and results in a conviction; plead not guilty and attempt to defend yourself against the charge or request to attend traffic school to have the speeding citation dismissed. You can only attend traffic school once per year, and there are other eligibility requirements as well. For example, if you were going faster than 95 miles per hour or more than 25 miles per above the speed limit, you are stuck with the ticket. Also, if you have a commercial driver’s license, the state will not offer you the option of getting your ticket dismissed. 

If you are eligible to take a defensive driving course to dismiss your Texas speeding ticket, Driving University can help. We provide an interesting, easy to understand online defensive driving course that is approved for Texas speeding ticket dismissal. Better yet, you can take our course in your spare time, so it’s easy to work it into your schedule. Since our course is online, you can take it from home, which saves you the gas money you’d spend driving out to a classroom. Once you complete the course, we’ll send your certificate out the same day. If you need your certificate even sooner, we also offer an overnight mail option. To learn more about what Driving University can offer you, click here.

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