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Number of Texas Red Light Tickets Issued

Texas has a major problem with drivers running red lights. For example, according to the Dallas City Hall website, out of all 50 states Texas ranks 4th when it comes to the number of red-light fatalities per person. Sure, we want to be competitive, but not for this!

With the growing popularity of red light cameras in many Texas cities, you might think that the number of Texas red light tickets being issued would be on the rise. Since the cameras are on 24-7 and the ability of officers to police intersections in person is limited, that is usually the case at first. More violations are caught by the cameras than the police could ever catch the old-fashioned way. However, once drivers become used to the presence of the cameras and the possibility of being ticketed, the number of violations usually drops drastically. For example, Garland installed red light cameras in several key intersections in late 2003. According to a report prepared for the Texas House of Representatives in 2006, monthly citations for running red lights in Garland actually dropped 14 percent from 2004 to 2005. In Dallas, the Dallas Morning News reported on November 20, 2007 that citations for red light violations went down 49% in intersections with cameras during the 6 months after they were installed.

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