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DWI Penalties

The penalties for Texas DWI vary depending on how many previous offenses you have had, but they are pretty stiff even if it's your first offense. For starters, your driver's license can be suspended even before your final conviction under the state's Administrative License Revocation (ALR) program. First-time Texas DWI offenders only get a 90 day suspension. However, if you have a second offense within the next 10 years, kiss your license goodbye for the next year.
Also, the law imposes jail time for Texas DWI-even if it's just a first offense. If this is your first time getting a Texas DWI, you may be placed in jail for at least 73 hours. However, if you get charged with Texas DWI and violating the open container law you can expect a sentence of least 6 days. If you are given probation instead of jail time, you will be required to attend a 12 hour DWI class as a condition of probation. Click here if you need to look up an approved class.  If you get another DWI, your jail sentence can range from 30 days to a year. Get busted again, and the jail sentences jumps up 2 to 10 years. Three strikes and you’re out!

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