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DWI Attorneys

When you need a Texas DWI Attorney

"A man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client" - Remember that old adage? It's definitely true when it comes to Texas DWI and DUI charges. Any time you have been arrested and charged with DWI or DUI, you need a Texas DWI attorney. A skilled Texas DWI/DUI lawyer can help you navigate the complex and sometimes murky waters of the Texas judicial system. Remember the old adage mentioned above, and don't try to represent yourself. The stakes are too high. In Texas, DWI is a serious charge, and you need to have someone in the courtroom who knows the procedures and is there to look after your interests.

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Services of Texas DWI Attorneys

The services of a Texas DWI attorney can be invaluable if you are charged with DWI. Below is a description of the normal legal procedure followed whenever a person is charged with DWI. A Texas DWI lawyer will provide you with valuable help and expertise every step of the way.

After you post bail and are released from custody, the state will notify either you or your bondsman of your court date. This may be done as you are being released, or they may mail out paperwork showing the date at a later time.

The first court date that you will have to attend is called an arraignment. During the arraignment, you will be expected to enter a plea-usually “not guilty," so that you and your Texas DWI lawyer will have time to prepare a defense. The judge will also review your case and decide if he or she wants to place any additional restrictions on your release, such as monitoring or testing for alcohol or drugs.

After the arraignment, there will generally be a few more court dates before the actual trial. This gives both sides time to examine the evidence and prepare for the criminal trial. Your Texas DWI attorney can help at this stage by trying to exclude evidence from consideration, and may be able to convince the prosecutor to offer you a plea bargain. If the prosecutor, the judge, and you all agree to a plea bargain, you plead guilty, are given a sentence based on the reduced charges instead of the original charges, and the process is over. If the prosecutor decides not to reduce the charges or you do not accept an offered plea bargain, then the case will go to trial.

At a trail, your Texas DWI attorney will do everything possible to poke holes in the prosecution's case. After all, to win the case, the prosecutor must prove the charge beyond "reasonable doubt." By cross-examining the arresting officers and introducing doubt as to the degree of impairment you exhibited and the accuracy of the tests that were performed, your Texas DWI lawyer may be able to convince the jury to find you "Not Guilty."


Costs of a Texas DWI Attorney

There's no doubt about it-lawyers are expensive. They didn't go to law school for years to work for peanuts. Texas DWI attorneys can bill in a variety of ways: they can charge a flat fee, they can bill hourly, or they can work on retainer. Hourly rates are the most common, and they can vary significantly based on where you are and what type of case you have. For DWI cases, many attorneys offer flat fees, so that you don't have any surprises later. Retainers are basically trust funds where you pay in advance for the lawyer's services. Be careful with these, as they are often non-refundable.

Since attorney fees can vary so widely, it's almost impossible to quote an "average" rate. The best thing to do is to shop around as much as possible. Many lawyers offer an initial free consultation, so take advantage of it. You should be able to find someone in your area who can defend you at a price that meets your needs. Remember, Texas DWI lawyers are expensive, but DWI convictions are much more so!


Risks of not having a Texas DWI Attorney

If you don't have a Texas DWI attorney to represent you in court, the likelihood of you getting charges dismissed or lowered is slim. Prosecutors know that you don't have the specialized legal knowledge needed to defend yourself. If you don't have an attorney, they will see your case as an easy conviction, which means there will be no incentive for them to offer a plea bargain. Also, the likelihood of a criminal trial ending in your favor is infinitesimal. Unless you yourself are a lawyer, you probably don't have the knowledge necessary to convince a jury that there is a reasonable doubt about your guilt.


Benefits of having a Texas DWI Attorney

A Texas DWI attorney can literally mean the difference between getting stuck with a DWI and getting convicted of a lesser offense instead. Depending on the circumstances of the case, a DWI lawyer may even make the difference between "guilty" and "not guilty." If you do get convicted, your attorney will fight to keep the sentence as light as possible. Also, if your license is suspended, your Texas DWI attorney may be able to help you get a restricted license so that you can still drive to and from work.

Once again, considering all of the costs associated with a DWI conviction, the benefits of having a Texas DWI attorney far outweigh the cost of hiring one.

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