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Where to Get Your Texas State Driving Record

You can obtain a copy of your driving record in one of three different ways. One way is to order it online from the Texas Department of Public Safety. DPS has a system that verifies your identity using information from your driver's license, as well as a secure online payment system. However, if you order it online you will pay a convenience fee that ranges from 50 cents to $2.00, depending on the type of record you order. Although you can order it online, it will take the state approximately 10 business days to process the request and mail your record to you.

You can also request your driving record through the mail. If you order a copy by mail, you should expect to wait 2-3 weeks before it arrives in your mailbox. You must fill out a DR-1 form to make the request, and mail it with a check or money order for the appropriate amount to the following address:

Driver Records Bureau
Texas Department of Public Safety
 Box 149246, Austin, TX 78714-9246

In many states, you can go down to the local DMV and request a copy of your driving record. However, Texas is different. Currently, you can only request your driving record in person if you live within driving distance of Austin. 

The best way to get your driving record is through Driving University’s Texas Express service. When you sign up to take our online defensive driving course, we’ll give you the option to order your driving record online for only $22. We can get your Texas driving record for you faster than the state can. Driving University will process your request the same day, and you’ll have your certified Texas driving record in your hands within 7-10 business days.

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