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How much does it Cost to get a Copy of my Driving Record?

As you saw earlier, Texas issues 6 different types of driving records. The cost to request a record depends on the type of record you need, and whether you request it through the mail or online.

Here is the fee structure for driving record requests in Texas:

Type 1- By Mail: $4.00
Online: $4.50

Type 2- By Mail: $6.00
Online: $6.50

Type 2a- By Mail: $10.00
Online: $12.00

Type 3- By Mail: $7.00
Online: $7.50

Type 3a- By Mail: $10.00
Online: $12.00

Type 4: By Mail: N/A
Online: $22.00 

As an alternative to ordering your copy directly from the state, Driving University can get a certified copy of your Texas driving record for you within 5-7 business days for only $22. Remember, even if you order your Texas driving record from DPS online, it will still take them 5-7 business days just to process your request and put your driving record in the mail.  Then, you still have to wait an additional 5-7 business days for it to arrive in the mail. Driving University‚Äôs Texas Express service is the best value because we can have your Texas driving record in your hands in the same amount of time it takes the state to get around to looking at your request.

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