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How Defensive Driving affects your Driving Record

In Texas, you are allowed to have one traffic ticket dismissed each year by attending a state-approved defensive driving course. Traffic tickets dismissed this way do not show add points to your driving record or raise your insurance rates. If you get a ticket dismissed by going to traffic school, the only thing that will show up on your driving record is the fact that you took defensive driving. Since Texas starts surcharging after only 6 points in 3 years, it's important to get your traffic ticket dismissed if at all possible. In the long run, defensive driving courses can save you a lot of money by keeping driving points off your record. Easy, fun state-approved online defensive driving courses are available through Driving University.

To request traffic school, you will have to obtain a certified copy of your driving record to show the court. Also, you won’t be able to have the ticket dismissed if you were going over 95 mph or more than 25 miles per hour above the speed limit. Finally, if you have a commercial driver’s license, you’re out of luck-the state won’t let you take defensive driving to dismiss a ticket.

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