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Teen Driving

Statistically speaking, teens are the worst drivers ever. Most of this is attributable to lack of practice. Driving is not something you are born knowing how to do. It's a learned skill, and the longer you practice any skill, the better you become. Texas requires all teens to take driving school to make sure that they have enough instruction and practice to not be a danger to themselves and others when they do get on the road. To encourage teens to complete their education, Texas also requires them to be consistently attending either high school or a GED program. Before you can sign your child up for a Texas driver’s ed course, you must obtain a Verification of Enrollment Form (VOE) from your child's school.

Once your teenager successfully completes a state-approved Texas driver’s ed program, they can get their license. However, because of the extra dangers that inexperienced drivers face, Texas has a graduated license program. Even after your child obtains a driver's license, their driving activities will be restricted for the first 6 months. For example, your child will not be allowed to drive after midnight, with more than one other teen in the car, or while talking on cell phone.  After 6 months, the restrictions will be lifted.

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