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In Texas, online driving school is only available as part of the parent-taught driver’s ed program. The Texas Department of Public Safety supervises parent-led driver's education, and you can download a copy of the Model Course provided by TEA free of charge by clicking here. TEA’s model course contains all of the information you need to teach your child the state-approved Texas driver’s ed curriculum, including both the classroom and the in-car sections of the course. However, if you use the TEA model course, you’ll have to figure out how to present the information yourself. TEA’s curriculum provides lesson objectives, fact sheets for students to review, worksheets and quizzes. It’s everything you need to teach the course, but what about keeping your child interested in the course?

If the idea of lecturing to your teen for 32 hours intimidates you, there is a better way. Interactive online Texas driver’s ed courses make a parent’s job much easier by providing short videos, interactive quizzes, and other essential teaching support.  Instead of trying to keep your teen interested in TEA's informative but dry lesson plans, why not try an online Texas driver’s ed course? Driver’s ed will be a more pleasant experience for both of you! 

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