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Drivers Ed Benefits

There are several benefits of taking a driver’s ed course. If you are under 18, of course, the main benefit is being able to get your driver's license. However, you will also benefit by learning safe driving practices and what to do if you get caught in scary or unfamiliar driving conditions. Becoming a safe, trustworthy driver is an important step on the path to adulthood. As an added bonus, you may qualify for a discount on your auto insurance. To find out, call your insurance company.

If you are over 18, taking the shorter, 6 hour adult Texas driver’s ed course can give you the knowledge and confidence that you need to pass the state tests the first time. If you get nervous and have a tendency to forget everything you thought you knew when confronted with a sheet full of bubbles that have to be filled in, taking a driver's ed class can help you conquer those test-taking jitters. Also, the course will help you learn how to be a better driver. You may be able to pass the written exam and the road test without it, but the extra knowledge you'll gain from the course could keep from having a wreck someday.

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