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Texas DPS Services

Each division of the Texas DPS has a different set of duties and performs a different set of services for the public. For example, the Administration Division handles employee training, maintains criminal records and handles criminal record requests, and screens applicants for concealed handgun licenses. The Criminal Law Enforcement Division maintains and operates the crime lab. This division also investigates organized crime, drug trafficking cases and stolen cars. The Driver's License Division is the division that the majority of citizens are most familiar with. They give out driver's licenses to citizens who qualify and take them away from dangerous drivers as necessary. The Texas Highway Patrol is the division most people try to avoid. They handle enforcement of traffic laws. Highway Patrolmen, known as state troopers, also handle criminal law enforcement at the state level. The Texas Rangers were originally formed in 1823 to protect Texas colonists on the frontier. Today, they perform statewide criminal investigations. The Division of Emergency Management was created to plan for major emergencies. They make every effort to lead an effective, cohesive response when disaster strikes.

Other Services

In Texas, vehicles are required to have an annual safety inspection to be registered. In some areas, an emissions test is also required. Texas DPS handles these inspections. You can look up the nearest inspection station online at the DPS website. Texas DPS also helps locate missing people. For missing children, Texas DPS will send out an "Amber Alert" to alert citizens statewide to keep an eye out for the missing child. Amber alerts can be activated if a child is believed to have been abducted and to be in danger. For missing senior citizens with mental or cognitive impairments, a "Silver Alert" can be broadcast. In compliance with the Texas law, the Texas DPS also tracks registered sex offenders across the state. You can view the Texas sex offender registry online and search for offenders by name, address or zip code.

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