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Who Teaches the Course?

Defensive driving classes are offered by course providers, businesses that must be licensed and bonded with the state of Texas. The classes themselves are taught by licensed instructors. The instructors are required to hold defensive driving teaching certificates and to have at least 24 hours of driver safety training. In addition, they must be of good reputation and have a valid driver’s license that has not been suspended or revoked in the past 5 years. Each year, they must complete mandatory continuing education classes and have their licenses renewed by the state.

In Texas, defensive driving courses are regulated by the Texas Education Agency. The TEA regulates schools, approves curriculum, licenses instructors and handles complaints. Driving University is a TEA-approved course provider.

Becoming an Instructor

Would you like to become an instructor with Driving University? We make it easy and fun to get your Texas driving safety instructor license. After completing the 2 day training with one of our licensed instructor trainers, you can apply for your Texas driving safety license and begin to teach defensive driving. There is a $75 state fee and a nominal fee for the training we provide you. For more information on teaching defensive driving in Texas, please complete the following.

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