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Course Information

Driving University offers a state-approved, internet-based course that you can complete at your convenience, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Since it is approved by the Texas Education Agency, you can take it to dismiss a ticket, or just to get an insurance discount. Our course is written in a student-friendly manner and is easy to understand. The course does take about 6 hours to complete, as required by law, but you can break it up however you like. Take a break or eat lunch whenever you feel like it! Then, simply complete the 25 question, multiple-choice quiz at the end and we’ll send you your certificate.

How much does it cost?

Driving University’s Online Defensive Driving School costs $25.00-the lowest price we can offer under state law.


Benefits of Driving University’s Online Defensive Driving School

Driving University is the best choice for defensive driving class because we offer an easy-to-understand, user-friendly course that can be completed in your own home, at your own pace. After all, if you have to take defensive driving, wouldn’t you prefer to have the option of taking it in your pajamas?  Go ahead, wear bunny slippers to class-we won’t tell!

Also, our lessons are written in plain English-you don’t have to read a word of the complicated, coma-inducing state traffic code. We’ve translated it all for you into language that’s easy to understand and won’t put you to sleep! At Driving University, we’ve made defensive driving humorous and fun, so it’s easy to learn how to be a safe driver. Our course is extremely user-friendly, but if you need any additional help, we have knowledgeable and caring customer service reps available to support you by phone and by email.

The final quiz at the end is all multiple-choice. Most people pass it the first time they take it. Even if you don’t, we offer you 3 chances to pass the quiz without any additional fees, so there’s no need to stress! 

Also, Driving University allows you to receive your certificate of completion quickly. We won’t take forever to process it and send it. In fact, if you finish the course by 3 pm Central Time, we’ll send it out first-class mail the same day. If you need your certificate even sooner than that, choose our FedEx option for $22.75 and we’ll overnight it to you.

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