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Insurance Discounts

Texas auto insurance companies offer discounts on premium based on factors that they believe indicate higher-than-normal levels of personal responsibility. The best example of this is the defensive driving discount. Many insurance companies in Texas will offer a discount on your auto policy if you present a certificate of completion for a state-approved defensive driving course, such as the courses we offer here at Driving University. The amount of the discount can vary by company, but in most cases it gives you 10% off of the liability portion of your policy. All Texas auto insurance companies use your driving record to calculate your base rates, and some companies offer additional discounts for maintaining a clean driving record. Also, if you take a state-approved Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP) class, your insurance company is required by law to give you a 5% discount.

Texas insurance companies also have a variety of other discounts that are not at all related to your driving record. For example, many Texas auto insurance companies offer discounts for owning your own home, having graduated college, or being a good student if you are still in school. These discounts may seem nonsensical-after all, what does owning your own home have to do with your driving record? The answer: Nothing, really, but you do have to have a certain level of personal responsibility to maintain a mortgage. Texas auto insurance companies believe that if you are responsible in other aspects of your life, that sense of responsibility will carry over into your driving and make you less likely to get into an accident. Of course, Texas insurance companies claim that there is statistical proof to back this up as well.

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